[Seriously] Good Mayo For Sam



  • Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise is celebrating the return of the games this summer with the launch of a new, limited-edition bottle bearing the famous fan slogan, ‘Mayo for Sam’
  • Highlighting the County of Mayo and their football team’s quest for the cup, the phrase is known throughout Ireland, and many parts of the world
  • Just 1,951 bottles of Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayo for Sam will be available to buy from 28th June, marking the last time the Co. Mayo team won 70 years ago
  • To coincide with the launch, Heinz is also going on the hunt to discover the nation’s favourite local food producers in order to create the Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayo All-Ireland Sandwich – a 32 ingredient sandwich featuring one ingredient, nominated by the public, from each county
  • The final sandwich recipe will be released ahead of the football final in August

Mayo for Sam? Or should that be Mayonnaise for Sam? To celebrate the return of sport and the summer of football in Ireland, Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise is launching a new limited-edition bottle – Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayo for Sam.

Linking to the well-known saying ‘Mayo for Sam’, referring to the Co. Mayo football team’s quest for the cup, support for the team has captured the imagination of people around the world, including everyone at Heinz Ireland, for the last 70 years.

So, to mark the 70th anniversary of Co. Mayo’s last win at the All-Ireland Final in 1951, just 1,951 bottles of Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayo for Sam will be available to buy for €3 through www.heinztohome.ie from 24th June. It’s for a limited time only so make sure to get yours fast!

Commenting on the new bottle, David Adams, Head of Heinz Ireland, said:

“Here at Heinz Ireland, we are [Seriously] impressed by the sense of pride that people have in their county colours, most notably Co. Mayo’s unyielding support and loyalty for their team. So, from one mayo to another, we thought it was the perfect time to throw our support behind them. And what better way than celebrating the world famous ‘Mayo for Sam’ slogan!”

But, that’s not all!

If you’re not a Mayo fan, but you do love a match-day sandwich, Heinz also needs your help.

Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise is launching a new competition to create the very first All-Ireland Sandwich. Or should that be Sam-wich.

Nominated by the public, the Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise All-Ireland Sandwich will contain 32 [Seriously] delicious fillings – one from each of the 32 counties.

Speaking about the sandwich, David continues:

“We ALL love eating sandwiches and a match-day sandwich eaten on our laps either in the stands or at home is an integral part of any game. So we wanted to create something special for the return of the sport this summer. The final All-Ireland sandwich will contain 32 [Seriously] delicious ingredients – held lovingly together by lashings of our delicious Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise.

“Nominated by you, each ingredient will represent the very best of Irish produce from up and down the land. From bread to cheese, gherkins and watercress, to black pudding and radishes, we want as many nominations as possible. Ultimately, we want to create the perfect halftime treat and one that can feed the entire family! I can’t wait to try it”.

How it will work

  • To nominate your counties best local food producer, all you have to do is visit @heinzirl on Facebook and Instagram and pop your favourite filling in the comments
  • Nominations will be open from 24th June – 23rd July
  • The final 32 [Seriously] tasty fillings will then be chosen by David Adams, Head of Heinz Ireland and food writer and presenter, Dee Laffan
  • The final recipe will be released on the week leading up to the All-Ireland Final at the end of August

 Good luck!

NOTE: Heinz is not an official sponsor of the Gaelic Games or otherwise affiliated with the GAA, or the County Mayo Team